Use of the Hall

The hall is available for hire on an occasional or regular basis by local groups, clubs and organisations, for meetings and functions and for commercial enterprises, although our priority is for activities that benefit the local community.

Interior of the hall. Location

The hall is located on the corner of Quarry Road and Margaret Road on the edge of the Headington Quarry Conservation area in Oxford.
Our address is:
Headington Quarry Village Hall
Quarry Road, Oxford, OX3 8NX


The money for the hall was generated by subscription by local groups and residents and our governing document dates back to 1929, establishing the hall as a charitable facility for the use of the local community.  The hall is registered with the charity commission: charity number 202215.


A committee of trustees are responsible for the running of the village hall. The trustees represent a number of local groups.
A list of the trustees will be added shortly.
Enquiries regarding the management of the hall should be directed to the trustees. Contact the Trustees

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